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OB Ultrasound was on Friday and everything looked “perfect”! And there is only ONE! I was officially discharged from the RE Office and set free to the real world/fertile land at the OB Office. I called to make an appointment today and the receptionist told me that they might not do an ultrasound at the 2nd appt. since I just had one at 7 weeks. Umm, excuse me???? Does she realize who she is talking to? She obviously has no idea what is on my reproductive resume, or that I am “accustomed” to regular ultrasounds.. or that I am consumed with fear that I will lose this pregnancy. This may be a deal breaker, seriously. If they do not want to do one at 10 weeks I just might have to go to another OB.

As I write I am feeling a wave of nausea, which gives me such peace of mind. I had been feeling SO incredibly sick over the past couple weeks and then woke up the other day feeling perfectly fine. Loss of symptoms = loss of pregnancy, so of course I’ve been panicking.

I think I may be more nervous with this pregnancy than with my first. It just feels too good to be true. Once you consider yourself “infertile”, it is hard to imagine that you would be so lucky to have 2 successful pregnancies and 2 healthy babies.

It doesnt help that I have been reading about Bethany Frankel’s recent miscarriage at 8 weeks, AFTER they had a normal ultrasound. ?!?

I know, I really just need to relax!


Another Shocker!

It looks like 4 is my lucky number because Ive got myself a BFP! I’m totally floored and in disbelief. What are the chances that I would get pregnant TWICE from 4 cell (3 day) embryos and have NO luck with 8 cells?! I cant believe it. The beta numbers are also ridiculously high so I’m wondering if there could be two in there…?! Today was 23 days post transfer and it is at 12, 249!! WTF!? I looked at some charts online and that number is basically off the charts. I have no idea what that means but I’m nervous as hell. I asked the R.E Nurse if this was unusually high but as usual she was useless.

My mind is mush right now. After getting back from vacation on Sunday, my car broke down and I had a job interview the next morning. So don’t ask me to concentrate on anything because my head is spinning like crazy.

Ive never wanted anything so much in my life. ONE baby was a dream come true. TWO would be a miracle. I feel like the luckiest girl alive.