My Sweet Lily

She’s here! We welcomed Lily into the world on Saturday, Oct 2nd at 3pm. She is just perfect! It is totally surreal, amazing, wonderful and terrifying. I just cant believe that this precious little creature is mine! Or how much your life can change in a matter of days.  All of a sudden I am a proud and worried mommy, and so many things that mattered before don’t anymore. It scares me at how much I love this baby and how much she has a hold of my heart.

As far as labors go, mine was not that bad. I started feeling light cramping on Saturday morning and wasn’t even sure if I was even in labor. We decided to go to the hospital but stopped on the way so that DH could get a hair cut! I was giggling on the way to the hospital and thought that they might send me home since I wasn’t in too much pain. But the moment I stepped out of the car, my water broke and the contractions weren’t so funny anymore! Even though I was 10 centimeters dilated by the time I got to the labor room (!!), they still had time to administer an epidural.. thank god. (In Homer Simpson Voice: Mmmm… epidural…) I pushed for a total of 30 minutes and out she came! I didn’t cry like I thought I would. I couldn’t even believe my eyes, and couldn’t comprehend where she got a full head of dark hair!!?! (My husband and I were both light haired kids)

We did both cry on the way home from the hospital, so overcome with joy that we were were finally bringing our daughter home. I find myself tearing up at random moments because I just cannot believe that I really have been given this precious gift. For example, moments like at the doctor’s office when the nurses were making a big fuss over her, if she is looking especially cute, or whenever I try to sing “You Are My Sunshine” and cant get through the whole thing because Im so choked up.

So here I am.. awake at 3:30 in the morning, sitting and staring at my sleeping daughter, not caring that I probably wont be going back to bed until tomorrow night. It’s hard to let myself sleep because I feel like I should always be either feeding her, holding her or watching her. I just need to forget about the chores and my “to-do” list for a little while….and cherish every single second of being with this sweet, perfect little girl.


8 responses to “My Sweet Lily

  1. she is ABSOLUTELY perfect and gorgeous. thanks for sharing a picture with us and im glad to hear you are holding up okay.

  2. Congrats!! She is beautiful, enjoy every second of her

  3. Beautiful! Thank goodness for epidurals and short labors.

    (Now go get some sleep.)

  4. oh julie, your little embryo turned into a beautiful little girl! congratulations! enjoy every little precious moment with lily! and don’t forget to share a little with us too! 🙂

  5. This is a beautiful post to the start of a beautiful new chapter in your life. You little one is adorable, and I can only imagine the love that must be pouring out of your heart. It is that love you describe that drives me, that gives me the strength to continue down this long hard path of overcoming infertility. Congratulations on this beautiful new addition to your family. ~Foxy

  6. She’s just gorgeous!!! CONGRATS!

  7. I thought I commented when she arrived but I see that I didn’t! Anyway I just was checking in to see how your almost 3 month old is doing these days! Hope all is well!!!!

    • Thanks for checking in! I dont have any excuse for abandoning my blog other than being a busy mom and not having anything interesting to say! I give you so much credit for continuing yours and for being such a great writer. We are doing great and Lily is such a joy. Hmm, I guess I will be back posting for IVF round 2! Maybe 2011?
      Happy New Year!

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