9 week ultrasound

Wow, another huge milestone has passed! I had my very first OBGYN appt this morning and got to see my little gummy bear’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. Sweet relief! I had been getting very nervous because all of a sudden last week my boobs stopped hurting.  Google was not my friend in this situation because with “loss of symptoms” comes miscarriage. Since I was still nauseous I felt a little reassured but then read somewhere on an evil website that “sometimes hormones continue to cause symptoms even after the heartbeat has stopped”. OK, I really need to stop with the googling!!

I must say though that the OB ultrasound was not nearly as fun as ultrasounds at my R.E’s office. The ultrasound tech was a total biatch. I thought I was at the freaken RMV with the attitude she was giving me. She was not happy with me that I didn’t remember exactly when my LMP was. Sorry, lady but it doesn’t matter!? Have you ever heard of Lupron, egg retrievals or embryo transfers?  Well they completely negate your good old LMP. I was totally wrong when  I thought I would get some extra love being an IVF patient. No love, just attitude.

It’s OK though because the most important thing was seeing that heartbeat. It was my first jelly belly ultrasound which also felt very “real pregnant person like.” The heartbeat was 158 bpm which is very good. My husband and I were thrilled.

More good news to share. It turns out that not everyone in my OB Office has an attitude. The OB herself is amazing AND the nurse told me that I can come in anytime to hear the heartbeat on the doppler!!! Heaven to an infertile’s ears!  I just know I will become an addict!

So now I am off to sit on the beach on Grand Cayman for 6 days. This trip could not have come at a better time. I need to escape this raw cold weather, soak in some sun and soak all of this in….  Virgin Pina Colada in hand…


4 responses to “9 week ultrasound

  1. Sorry the u/s tech was a biatch. I think everyone has some sort of transition from RE to OB culture shock. Especially when the mindless peons of the OB’s office insist on data which is irrelevant to an IVF’er such as LMP dates.

    If it helps as a data point, my breasts haven’t ever felt swollen, itchy, or more than lightly tender unless I tried to sleep on my stomach.

    Have fun on Grand Cayman, please bring some of that nice warm weather back with you, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

    (Especially now that you are pregnant – apparently there are skin discolorations which can be exacerbated by exposure to sunlight.)

  2. So glad your u/s went well! (Except the tech’s attitude) Have fun on your vacation!!!

  3. I clicked over from Venting’s blog today…. Yeah for 9 weeks! I am approx. 6 weeks today and I am so nervous, no u/s yet to see heartbeat, next week. We saw 2 sacs last week, but thats it. I have stopped googling cause it makes me crazy man. Anyway so happy for you and glad I clicked over. Have an amazing vacation girl, enjoy yourself!

  4. hey momma! congrats! so glad you love your OB. what a relief! being able to come in any time to hear the heartbeat is awesome.

    enjoy your trip! i can’t wait to hear about it! xo!

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