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Almost Out of the Woods!

I can’t believe how close I am to being out of my first trimester. On Monday I will 11 weeks! It’s hard to believe.

Our trip to Grand Cayman was amazing and much needed! It was so great to escape the cold weather, feel my toes in the sand and just relax. I read a couple books and was able to “just be” for a little while. Although, I must say that I know now why it is not recommended to travel in your first trimester, especially if you are experiencing morning sickness (A.K.A Morning/Noon/Night Sickness). Umm, hello, turbulence!!! This turbulent flight did not bode well for me and I ended up running to the (thankfully) vacant plane lavatory and vomiting in the pathetic, gross, silver toilet. Blue toilet water splashed in my face and stained my white linen jacket. This was while my dear husband was back in his seat enjoying a few cocktails. So not fair.

Eating out is one of my all time favorite things to do (especially on vacation!) and I love trying new foods. But but choosing a safe entree these days has been a very challenging task. A made an early mistake of sucking down a seemingly innocent virgin strawberry daiquiri, only to run to the bathroom to throw my guts up 5 minutes later. Must have been the sugar (?).  While I normally would have been enjoying fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and chicken dishes—I instead ordered a burger and fries almost every night!  Am I already failing as a mother? I really want to nourish myself and growing baby with more nutrients but can only seem to eat things that are white and generally not healthy.

Last night I stopped at Whole Foods to grab something for dinner. (Cooking anything other than boxed macaroni and cheese lately just isn’t an option.) I staggered through the aisles so exhausted from the trip and the work week with barely any energy to carry a basket around. I picked up a roasted chicken and fresh bread for hubby. Because chicken has been grossing me out, I decided to peruse the dreamy salad/prepared foods bar. My mind and heart were pulling me towards the vegetables but my sour stomach pulled me towards the pasta, and then the fried foods section. On top of the pasta I added 4 big french fries and a few onion rings. Im so sorry little baby. I promise to feed you better soon!


9 week ultrasound

Wow, another huge milestone has passed! I had my very first OBGYN appt this morning and got to see my little gummy bear’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. Sweet relief! I had been getting very nervous because all of a sudden last week my boobs stopped hurting.  Google was not my friend in this situation because with “loss of symptoms” comes miscarriage. Since I was still nauseous I felt a little reassured but then read somewhere on an evil website that “sometimes hormones continue to cause symptoms even after the heartbeat has stopped”. OK, I really need to stop with the googling!!

I must say though that the OB ultrasound was not nearly as fun as ultrasounds at my R.E’s office. The ultrasound tech was a total biatch. I thought I was at the freaken RMV with the attitude she was giving me. She was not happy with me that I didn’t remember exactly when my LMP was. Sorry, lady but it doesn’t matter!? Have you ever heard of Lupron, egg retrievals or embryo transfers?  Well they completely negate your good old LMP. I was totally wrong when  I thought I would get some extra love being an IVF patient. No love, just attitude.

It’s OK though because the most important thing was seeing that heartbeat. It was my first jelly belly ultrasound which also felt very “real pregnant person like.” The heartbeat was 158 bpm which is very good. My husband and I were thrilled.

More good news to share. It turns out that not everyone in my OB Office has an attitude. The OB herself is amazing AND the nurse told me that I can come in anytime to hear the heartbeat on the doppler!!! Heaven to an infertile’s ears!  I just know I will become an addict!

So now I am off to sit on the beach on Grand Cayman for 6 days. This trip could not have come at a better time. I need to escape this raw cold weather, soak in some sun and soak all of this in….  Virgin Pina Colada in hand…