Happy weekend! I am so honored to be the recipient of 4 blogger awards! Venting Vagina has graciously awarded me with the Lemonade Award and A from Remember All the Way awarded me with 3 others (!)–The Sunshine Award, Your Going Places and The Happy 101 Award. Thank you so much! I actually received the Lemonade award back in January, but unfortunately it fell right around my IVF week which turned out to be heartbreaking and disappointing (little did I know!). Ever since then I feel like I have been in a haze of confusion and disbelief, and was feeling more like a sour lemon than lemonade. But now I think I can finally formally accept this award with confident, positive attitude!

So I am going to cheat a little bit and only pass on 2 of these awards. The Sunshine and the Happy Award. The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.The Happy Award, similarly, is given to those with “sweet thoughts and kind words.” When you receive the Happy 101 Award, you have to list 10 things that make your day and then list 10 Blogs worthy of this award.

Here are 10 things that make my day:

1.) Warm and inspiring comments from blogger friends

2.) A long conversation with an old cherished friend

3.) Smoothies

4.) Jack Bauer

5.) Going to my favorite little Italian restaurant with my hubby

6.) Good wine and good company

7.) Hugging and kissing my big (old) puppy

8.) Tai food

9.) When my Dad calls me Julie Pie

10.) Imagining the greatest blessing we will soon have , and all of the joy that will bring

I would like to nominate and honor the following, not only for their  inspiring and motivating blogs but also for the supportive and heartfelt comments they have left for me..

1.) Venting Vagina

2.) IF Crossroads

3.) Wait, What?

4.) Making me Mom

5.) Ambivalent Womb

6.) Below Average Athlete

7.) Does this Suit your Copperosity?

8.) Peanut Noodle

9.) Build in Birth Control

10.) Baby on Mind

Have  great weekend. I’m off to get a bikini wax and pedicure in preparation for the vaca. Whoo hoo…

P.S. Have you ever spent time looking for something and the whole time it was right in front of your face? I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot figure out how to add pdf images to my side bar. Blame it on my foggy pregnancy brain. Can anyone with a WordPress blog help me with this? The “Image” Widget does not appear to have an upload feature….


4 responses to “Awards

  1. thank you :o) so sweet!
    im curious…tell me about the bikin wax?

  2. Thank you for the award 🙂 Are you trying to add a picture in your post? If so, when you are typing a new post there is a toolbar above the text box that says “upload/insert” and it’s the first icon.

    How was that bikini wax? I get them regularly but the first one post BFP hurt a hell of a lot more than usual. All that increased blood flow or something! ouch!

  3. thank you for the award! i can’t wait to post about it!

    if you want to add an image to your side bar, just copy the URL of the image you’ve already uploaded (eg: and paste it in the image URL field in the image widget. you can play with the dimensions if it doesn’t look right. good luck!

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