Still Preggers!!

Holy crap!! I went into the R.E. office this morning with a bad crying hangover thinking it was over. I expected to be told that the embryo was no more and that I needed to stay for a D&C. I even told the ultrasound tech as I took my pants off to expect a lot of tears. But then, we saw AND heard the heartbeat. 119.5 beats per minute!!! This is what they normally see at 8 weeks!! Holy shit. If this ride hasn’t been a fucking emotional roller coaster I don’t know what is.  Everything was measuring as normal and the gestational sac is in the right place. They did see the area on the ultrasound where the bleeding was coming from but couldn’t really explain what was causing it. Honestly, there was a lot more information but I was too in shock to absorb it all. Another good thing is that the bleeding has almost stopped and the blood is dark, as opposed to bright red.  This means it’s old blood (so gross I know).

We met with the R.E. afterwards and he called it a “threatened miscarriage”. He said that I should stay on bed rest until the bleeding stops. So here I am home from work again, seriously considering coming clean to my boss so he doesn’t think I’m either a.) making it up for days off or b.) dying from a terrible disease.

Thank you to everyone who posted such thoughtful and encouraging words yesterday. I really needed them!!


15 responses to “Still Preggers!!

  1. I am so glad to read your wonderful news this morning! Hooray!!!!

    I had unexplained bleeding early in my pregnancy with my boys. My OB said it was probably blood from where the placenta was forming and digging in deeper.

    I hope you’re able to have continued peace!

  2. YAY!!! What an answered prayer! I am so excited for you! Enjoy some time off! Praying the bleeding heals up totally very soon 🙂

  3. I am so happy that you got to see and hear a heartbeat. Hopefully the bed rest will allow things to settle and you won’t have any more scares like this.

  4. Just saw your scare on ICLW and clicked over to see what you had found out. I’m so pleased for you that everything is looking okay and that the bleeding seems to be unrelated! Crossing fingers and saying a little prayer that all will go smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy!

  5. I am so glad to read that everything is okay with your little one. I had a big bleeding incident closer to 8 weeks (like full-on AF!) and was convinced I was miscarrying, too. I got the exact same diagnosis and they showed me the small pocket of blood in my uterus. I was on bed rest for 2 days and then it all cleared up. I spotted brown for about 2 weeks afterwards but all was well!

    So happy for you!


  6. Yay! Great News! I am so glad everything is OK!

  7. OMG I’m so happy & relieved for you, been thinking about you since yesterday and praying everything is ok! Relax & enjoy that bedrest!!!

  8. Yay, best news I’ve read all day! Having gone through the same thing myself, I was convinced you’d be OK but I know nothing would convince you but seeing your little frijole on screen with a happily thumping heart. It really sounds like a subchorionic hematoma, so just take it easy for a few days and you’ll be fine. Yay!

  9. Whew! I’m so happy that you saw such a wonderful and strong heartbeat Julie! Stay put on that couch and let that strong bean snuggle in real tight!
    Sending you lots of love and soft ((hugs)).

  10. I had the same exact thing happen to me with my twins. The bleeding started at around 10 weeks, the day before my first official OB visit. The gushing red blood turned dark, then brown, then stopped, and all was fine. I was told that as long as I had blood without cramping that I would be ok. Apparently (according to my doc) this kind of bleeding is very common with IVF pregnancies, it is related to the progesterone we have to take. Rest and take it easy, it sounds like the bleeding has run its course and everything is going to be ok. (fingers crossed!)

  11. Oh, I am SO thankful!!! I’m sorry for the scare but am so very happy that the baby looked just fine today!

  12. Wonderful news!! So glad all is well and you got to see your little bean. Fingers crossed for no more scares

  13. Hooray! I am so glad for you.

  14. Whew! Thank god! Rest up and follow doctor’s orders. I’ll be thinking of you!

  15. I hope you’re still doing really well! I left you THREE awards on my blog! 🙂

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