Crashing Down???!!!

This morning I woke up pregnant. Now, I fear it is all crashing down. About an hour after I posted my 6 week update, I felt a little gush, and hoped that it was just discharge or urine. Nope, it was blood. I ran to the bathroom and felt another gush. Bright red blood. I immediately started crying and called my R.E. nurse. She told me she would see if she could get me in today for an ultrasound but if not I should go to the emergency room. She said she ‘d call me right back. Tears. Called my  husband to come home. More sobs. The nurse finally called back after a half hour and told me they could get me in at 8:00am tomorrow (bullshit) and that I should stay calm and try not to worry too much. She said a lot of women experience bleeding in pregnancy and that everything could still be OK. She told me to stay off my feet for the rest of the day and to call back if I experienced a fever, bad cramping or clotting. My husband and I cried together.

So now I have to spend the rest of the day laying on the couch wondering if this pregnancy is over or not. I’m not feeling too positive and I’m scared shitless about what comes next. Ever since I got back my IVF results I have stared down a path of more heartache, despair and failure. I was ready to close the door on that but it looks like it is still wide open.  I just don’t know how I would survive this.

Well, tomorrow I’ll know. At least I don’t have to wait 5 more days for my ultrasound.


20 responses to “Crashing Down???!!!

  1. I just read both posts. I am saying a prayer for you and hoping everything is OK. It sounds like you have been having some good symptoms, and you have a fighter on your hands. Try and get some rest.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am praying for you right now! Lord please protect the little one!!

  3. I’ll be thinking of you , your hubby, and your little bean.

  4. Oh no. I can’t imagine what’s going through your mind right now. My thoughts will be with you, and hoping for the best.

  5. You should check out my blog. I’m only about 4 weeks along, just had my first beta today and I had bleeding yesterday with some clots. It freaked me out but so far hasn’t affected anything and the bleeding stopped. I hope the same thing is happening to you and everything will be okay!

  6. julie
    it really could be nothing, it could be a hematoma. there are explanations for why you could be bleeding. try not to give up hope yet. keep your feet up and drink lots of water and good luck tomorrow!

  7. Keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. studentrntiffany

    Sending love and positive thoughts!

  9. Oh Julie, I’m so sorry you’re having this scare. But remember, IVF pregnancies bleed more. And I don’t know if you saw it but when I was 7 weeks, I had a very heavy gushing bleeding episode. About 5 large gushes, each enough to soak a pad, and then the passing of something that felt substantial, but I couldn’t see amongst all the other blood in the toilet. I was convinced my uterus would be empty at the u/s the next day. And it was FINE. Not even a subchorionic hematoma seen, which is what usually caused that kind of bleeding.

    Just try to relax (pointless advice, I know). I’ll be praying that tomorrow puts your mind at ease.

  10. I’ll breath for you, if that helps!

    Do take it easy today.

  11. oh no! i’m sure this won’t help calm your nerves, but i’ve read about this happening so many times and women go on to deliver a healthy baby months later. rest and even though you won’t be able to relax, know that we are all thinking about you. HUGS! xo.

  12. Oh no, so scary! Hoping that everything is okay tomorrow, and abiding with you until then.

  13. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I am sending lots of sticky vibes to your LO — stay put!!! My thoughts will be with you!!

  14. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Keeping you, baby, & your husband in my thoughts & prayers…I hope that you get reassuring positive news tomorrow morning!

  15. Don’t give up. You just had nausea yesterday. Praying for you!

  16. Here from LFCA- This is so scary, but I hope its nothing. Thinking of you tomorrow! *hugs*

  17. I know you are at your appointment right now. I’m thinking about you. Update us when you can. xxoo

  18. Oh, Julie! I hope you’re finding out right now that everything is just fine!! ((hugs))

  19. Here from LFCA – hope that the u/s today shows all good and strong and healthy baby. I had bleeding at 5 weeks with my current pregnancy and it turned out to be nothing. Hope with all my heart the same for you.

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