Beta #2

So I’m still pregnant..hooray! My beta results yesterday showed levels that more than doubled to 510! This is great news, but I’m still terrified that something will go wrong because this is too good to be true. What are the chances that this lone survivor from 20 eggs, an itty bitty 4 cell embryo, would actually turn into a pregnancy?!? It is truly a miracle. Every morning I wake up and check to see if my boobs are still sore just to give myself peace of mind that I’m still pregnant.

I’m pregnant. I still haven’t really used those word yet. I have instead been describing my current state in the form of beta levels. Although, I did  say them yesterday as I was getting my H1N1 shot. I figured I should make them aware just in case. The nurse didn’t seem to care though and only reassured me that the shot was safe. If she only knew what this pregnancy meant and what a huge deal it was for me to say those words. Last week, I didn’t know if I ever would.

So Monday I go back for another beta and if that looks good we schedule an ultrasound. I could have sworn the nurse said “OB ultrasound” but it’s way too early for that, right? What a huge leap that will be. In the meantime, I’m taking it day by day, sore boob by sore boob…..


11 responses to “Beta #2

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so awesome! Your story just reinforces to me that even though people do IVF and are told statistics and projections and all that, GOD is the giver of life and HE is not bound by anything!!! I will continue to pray for peace for you right now!!

  2. Congratulations, so happy for you!!! Hope things continue to go smoothly for you:)

  3. oh julie, i’m so excited for you. this was meant to be! your second beta is awesome and i know the third one will be even better. hopefully it will put your mind at ease when you finally see your baby on u/s. congrats sweetie! you’re preggers! keep pushing those boobs! xoxoxo!

  4. So unbelievably excited for you! Your betas are great!!!!

  5. That’s so awesome!

    My u/s at the RE’s office was considered an OB ultrasound – I guess that differentiates it from your standard IF follie/lining check u/s?

  6. yay! i love a good beta number!
    enjoy it 🙂 miracles do happen

  7. Yipee! That’s great news! Yes, it is an OB u/s, you lucky puppy!

    Bask in the miracle! Enjoy every second. The rest of us are living vicariously through you!


  8. Oh yeah!!!!! By the way, after the third beta you’re officially an “OB Patient” at the RE clinic. So yes, you’ll be getting an OB Ultrasound! Cool, huh?

  9. WooHoo!! Great news and take it one day at a time!

  10. Congrats!! And yes, your next ultrasound will say OB on it, even at your re’s office. Kinda crazy!

  11. Wow what a great Beta. I love that it’s coming from a 4 cell baby I guess it wanted to be with you instead of a dish.

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