Can this month get any worse?

Yesterday was the day from hell. I was rear ended on my way to work. Gotta love pedestrians who don’t pay attention to moving cars! Some girl walked right in front of my car as I was making a U turn so I slammed on my brakes and the car behind me smashed into me. Awesome.

Then at about 9pm, just as I am all cozy in my pajamas, reading some interesting blogs from the ICLW list, I hear  commotion outside. I peek out and see two cars pulled over in front of my house. They say, “Is this your Husky??” Uh Oh. I immediately told myself that he probably just wandered into a neighbor’s yard and got lost. But no. They tell me they think he has been hit by a car. I run over to see my sweet puppy laying on the ground shaking like a leaf. He can’t get up but I don’t see any blood or trauma so I don’t think he got hit. They help me carry him inside and I frantically call my husband who is not picking up his phone. (He was playing cards with the boys and turned his ringer off…figures). Then the cops come since someone called 911 and yelled at me for letting my dog out without a leash. Thanks, insensitive prick.   I sat there for a while with my dog,  just holding him while he shook from fear and anxiety that he could not use his back legs. This had happened once before but only lasted a few minutes.

Finally, husband comes home and we take him to the 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital where they wheeled him in on a doggie stretcher. After seeing this, I lost it. We both did. We thought this was the end for our boy Timber.  We were devastated. When the Vet came out see us she didn’t have any real answers, but if we wanted to leave him for the night for testing it was cost anywhere between  $1,500-$2,000. Um, lady he is 13 years old. Unless you can prolong his life another 10 years I don’t think we should make that kind of investment.

He was able to wobble out with the help of a body sling and we took him home thinking he would see his own Vet this morning. When I got up, he was walking better but  was definitely not himself. 

As all of this was happening, I was wondering how I would possibly survive losing my dog and failing an IVF within the same week. I just don’t think we could handle it. Is this where my life is taking me? Down a road of despair and sadness? I feel like things could easily spiral out of control if I dont hang on tight. What happened to my happy life? Lately, I look at pictures of myself smiling, looking carefree and truly joyful, and longing for that person to come back. Maybe next week, she will. Please, please……..


7 responses to “Can this month get any worse?

  1. Oh man. What a rough day! I really hope you don’t get any more bad news this week.


  2. Wow. I am so sorry that all of this is happening. I think I would have lost it when I first saw my dog hit by the car! You are very brave to hold it together as long as you did. I have been praying that your IVF would be successful. I hope I don’t sound fake, but hang in there and take it easy on yourself. I hope you weren’t hurt in the accident- I wouldn’t wish one of those on anyone!!

  3. what a horrible 24 hours! i hope this weekend is nice and relaxing for you and you hubby. i can’t imagine how upset you were to see your baby on the ground after already having that accident shake you up. poor things, both of you.

  4. Oh, I would be a basket case. I’ve been to doggie er before and it was not fun or cheap. I hope Timber recovers soon.
    It always seems like everything just hits at once.

  5. Sounds like a crazy day! YOu deserve a good weekend. I hope your dog is better and you get some peace soon! Hugs!

  6. Oh my god. I’m crying just reading this! I’m so so so so sorry about Timber. Pets are a big part of the family and I can’t imagine how difficult that was for you to deal with!
    Sending you love and I hope for a speedy recovery!

  7. oh my god. i’m so sorry, julie! i wish i could wave a magical wand that could make that all go away. i’m really glad you’re okay and i’m glad you didn’t hit that girl! and poor timber. 😦 i hope he recovers quickly. how’s he feeling today?

    i hope this week the old you returns. maybe you should go to your favorite restaurant or do some retail therapy. do something that makes you feel good. you deserve it. hugs. xo!

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