Quote of the Day from a Stupid Fertile

Said by a good-intentioned friend today after I tried to explain to her the process of IVF and all of the variables that need to work for a healthy embryo to implant:

“I just don’t understand how you CAN’T get pregnant. I mean, I am so fucking fertile that I got pregnant accidently three times–oh yeah, I never did tell you about that abortion I had back in 1999. I mean, I just cannot comprehend how this isn’t working for you.”


14 responses to “Quote of the Day from a Stupid Fertile

  1. I feel your pain it always hurts when the fertile’s just can’t seem to understand it doesn’t matter how many times and how many ways you have sex it sometimes takes more then that.
    At our 1 year mark of trying I had a friend tell us that they were knocked up and they had not even had sex (I know how crazy that sounds but it happens) I cried for 3 days. My new slogan for 2010 is….GO IVF!

  2. Wow…well intentioned but incredibly stupid. The censor between her brain and mouth is horribly broken. Hope you smacked some sense into her

  3. Wow. That is incredible.

  4. rainingblossoms

    Dude. That’s pretty horrible.

  5. wow. speechless. i don’t care how well intentioned, that still hurts.

    i have a good friend who had a few (that i know of) abortions throughout college. she finally decided to keep her last pregnancy and it ended up being fraternal twins. still kinda irks me to this day that she gets 2 without even trying and i get none while trying my hardest. won’t be the case for long, right? positivity!

  6. coming out of lurkdom to say…did you hit her? I might have. wow.

  7. its so hard, but people will never get it.

    evenmy mom refuses to believe that im infertile. after seeing me get my right tube and ovary removed, and knowing that my left is twisted and displaced, when i refer to myself as infertile, she tells me i just have ‘mechanical problems.’ wtf

    her new thing is that since i gave birth to my twins (preterm at 5 months) that that must have straightened my tube out and now it will all work. bless her, she’s delusional. i didn’t take the time to tell her that even if my tube went back to normal, my ovary would still be fused to my uterus, thus causing further distance between the two.

    *sigh* this sucks

  8. tell me who it is. i will kick her fertile ass.

  9. lis – I thought I was the only one! My mom does not believe I am infertile even though my tubes are blocked. She always says “I hate when you use that word.” Thanks mom for making me feel so taboo that my condition must not be mentioned. Even worse – she refers to my one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage as a false alarm. She won’t even acknowledge my miscarriage. Despite pouring my heart out to her about my struggles, she still doesn’t get it.

  10. Jeez, you have to be f-ing kidding me.

    People are so insensitive and stupid.


  11. Um, yeah. Wow. I have no words. 😦

  12. Oh I have a reply that you could have fired back but it involves using the words easy, skank and a few other choice words so perhaps I best not suggest it.

    Did you hit her with something? Say a piece of metal pipe? If not, kudos to you, you’re a better person than I!


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