Getting Close!

This morning was my fourth monitoring appt this week. I look like a freaking heroine addict I have so many holes in my arms!

Here are my numbers: E2=2179. Follicles: (2) 17, (3)16,15, 14.5,(2)13.5, (3)13, 12.5, (5) 12

The nurse said that depending on tomorrow’s monitoring results, tomorrow might may be trigger day! Wow. I guess the 16’s and 17’s look good but I cant imagine the 12’s being big enough for a tomorrow trigger. I dont know much but it doesn’t seem like I have that many (almost) mature follies. The RE did decrease my meds again from 112 to 75, so who the hell knows. I am sick of analyzing!

My husband wanted to have his friends over to watch the play-off games tomorrow night and I told him NO because a) I just cant deal and b) he has to give me the mega trigger shot. So instead, we are going to go out to enjoy a nice meal and some wine, since this could be my last chance for 9 months! Giving up alcohol wont be too hard but I am worried about giving up caffeine though I must admit. I have been drinking more of it lately to help fight the sleepy/cloudy brain effects from all of this estrogen and feel totally addicted to it.

I am in a pretty good place right now, but a strange place. I dont feel particularly emotional, but have an extremely short fuse. I don’t particularly want any sympathy from people but yet I am annoyed if a friend forgets to ask how it’s going when I talk to them. I feel like I cant handle any major events or socializing this weekend, but still want to keep myself busy to distract myself.  I feel like a fat ass because I am so out of shape and have gained about 5-6 pounds. My  pants were so tight that I almost unbuttoned them at work today. Im sure it’s a combination of the medication and my increased consumption of comfort food. I am forgiving myself though because doing IVF is rough enough let alone in the middle of January…

Well let’s hope those little follies do a lot of growing tonight….. grow follies grow!


5 responses to “Getting Close!

  1. Ooh, praying for great follie growth!! Keep us posted!! 🙂

  2. OOOOMMMMGGGG, it’s almost time! i’m so excited for you. hoping the little follies get their grow on in the next day or so. i bet they will. you’ve been responding so well to date! good luck tomorrow!

    sounds like you have a great date night planned for tomorrow night. enjoy it! and let me know how that HCG injection goes, too. looks scary!

    i’m not looking forward to giving up caffeine either. i’ll be sad to see the wine go too, but it will all be worth it!

  3. Grow follies grow! I had the same concern when I did my IVF. When were monitoring it looked like I did not have many that were mature. However, out of the 17 they retrieved 14 of them were mature. My doctor said that some of the ones that measure 14 or so can be mature be the time they actually do the retrieval. Good luck and I will be reading!

  4. Good luck! And smart move in doing something calm with just the two of you on trigger night…no way I’d want to have a bunch of people in my house

  5. Sending good growth vibes your direction. Good luck!

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