IUI#4 is a BUST–IVF here I come

Well as suspected the results were negative. For some reason I am much better this time than last time.

My friend had her baby today and called me right after the delivery. It’s funny how I find out that I am going IVF on the day she has her baby. I guess that is just how life works sometimes. I do know that my life is just as blessed as hers so I am not going down the road of resentment or jealousy.

I told myself this morning that I wasnt going to cry and that I was just going to keep thinking everything will be ok. This is not the path that I would have ever imagined myself to be on but here I am at the crossroads, and I am choosing it for myself. I am choosing to be proactive and to do whatever it takes to be pregnant. While Im sure there will be plenty of anxiety and tears here and there, Im really going to try to not feel sorry for myself. This is not a death sentence, it is a bump in the road. I am (kind of) young and healthy and have a loving, supportive partner and friends who will walk with me every step of the way. I am not going to think of “have nots”, but only “haves”.

The medication has just been ordered. Holy fucking shit I am doing IVF.


9 responses to “IUI#4 is a BUST–IVF here I come

  1. Gah! I’m so sorry about the negative Beta 😦 I am so inspired by your chin up attitude though. Nobody ever imagines themselves doing IVF, I don’t think. We do what we feel like we need to do or are supposed to do, and for some people that is IVF, I think. I sure hope God will use this bump in the road to bless you with a baby!

  2. Welcome to the club! Not that it’s a great club to be joining, but still, there are plenty of us here, just hanging out, waiting for our turn at the shuffleboard court. (Or should that be the darts tournament?)

    I am sorry for the negative IUI, even when you are expecting that news it still stings.

  3. I totally admire your perseverance and hopefulness!! I am praying IVF will be the path to your miracle and will be cheering you on along the way!

  4. sorry to hear about the IUI. Onward though! When I switched gears from IUIs to IVF it felt scary but really good to be moving on to something new. New treatment = new hope. Stay positive.

  5. So sorry this IUI wasn’t it for you. Love your attitude about IVF though, you’re inspiring! Best of luck!

  6. I’m sorry the IUI didn’t work. Best of luck with IVF!

  7. So sorry to hear that the IUI resulted in a BFN…and on the day BFF has her baby, no less! I’ve got a BFF delivering any day now, too…it’s tough!

    Hubby and I are gearing up to head down the IVF path after the first of the year, too. Will be following your journey!


  8. I did 3 IUI then moved onto IVF. My DH’s swimmers weren’t penetrating the egg. That’s an important thing to find out and I wouldn’t have had we not moved to IVF.

    Good Luck

  9. I’m so sorry for your BFN. It sounds like you’ve already put it behind you – onward to IVF! I wish you all the best in your next stage of the journey.


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