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I have to say that I must be losing it a little bit. Either that or I have been overcome by a weird force of positivity. How could I go from crying about IVF to being excited about it? DH and I were even cracking jokes in the waiting room at RE’s office this morning. I was giddy from nerves and excitement and thought it was hilarious that he had major hat-head and that he was reading a children’s “Clifford” book since the only other reading material was Parents magazines. Im still waiting for the medication side effects to rear their ugly heads to send me into Debbie Downer Mode. Im guessing it will come once the progesterone comes into play. For now, I will just focus on my IVF plan. Here are my highlights:

  • RE was adamant about transferring ONLY ONE embryo. Being the all business doc that she is (let’s call her A.B.R.E), she is super anti-multiples.  She wants no part of them. She has no desire to play with fate and drop two in just to increase the odds for success.  This is a good thing that she is so strict about this because I can totally see DH & I irresponsibly asking for two just for the gamble. ABRE does not gamble!!
  • We decided to definitely freeze our extras. I never realized all of the legal issues that can come with this! We decided that if we were to get a divorce, the embryos would get destroyed. I said that if I didnt want DH around I didnt think I would want any more of his kids running around! If one of us dies or “disappears” (??!) the other will decide what happens with the rest. Ugly scenario but I guess anything could happen.
  • Hooray! I somehow got out of taking the pill for 20 days! ABRE said it wasnt absolutely necessary if I really felt that the side effects were that serious. Honestly, they really do make me super depressed and emotional. I’m one of the few women over 30 that never really took the pill. I really always thought that the “rhythm method” really worked or that I was really just lucky that I never got knocked up. (Haha!!)
  • Im very pleased that there is no bed rest involved. ABRE said this is an old school practice and is not necessary. Besides taking it easy the day of the transfer, I can go on from there as normal. 
  • Overall, my chances for success are very good (50-60%) so that is what I am focusing on. For ABRE to say that chances are good, it must mean REALLY good.  I’ll take that over the crappy 20% success rate of IUI.  

So if I get the dreaded BFN from IUI#4 it will be on Thanksgiving weekend (“Umm, can you please pass EVERYTHING including the bottle of wine? No need for a glass , thank you. I’ll just take the bottle..”) . That will put my IVF transfer around mid-January.  Looking forward to a BFP in 2010!


6 responses to “More on IVF

  1. I hope you don’t have to deal with IVF… but you have a really good plan. I’m really interested in RE telling you to only implant one. My RE said given my age (31) I should only implant one but that two would obviously increase the odds. DH is very much against two. He doesn’t want twins and is worried about the risks that come with multiples. I, on the other hand, would do just about anything to put a baby (or two) in my arms. Anyway, we don’t have to make the decision til next month (and assuming the eggs actually fertilize) but I found it interesting to hear the views of your very responsible RE. Cautionary story: I came a cross a girl last week on the boards who implanted two and both implanted and then one split…. into three. So she is having fraternal quads. Could you imagine?!?!?!

  2. I too think it is interesting how some doctors are more strict than others. You would think that RE’s would follow certain protocols across the board but I guess after seeing the craziness of Octomom’s doct-it’s clear they don’t! It’s funny because my SIL (age 32) went to the same clinic as I do but had a different doctor-who transferred two embryos and both took! She wasn’t even happy to hear she was having twins. I, like you, would be overjoyed by one or two.
    That quad story is unbelievable!

  3. I’m not sure where you live; I’m in Canada. They tend to be more conservative up here about the # of embryos transferred. But like I said, we’ll have the choice between one or two. RE said with one, we have a 60% chance. With two, we have an 80% chance… but over 50% chance of twins. It’s all so mind-bending.

  4. We are in the Boston area. Im actually not even sure what the general ideals are in this area. RE said ultimately it was our decision, but between her strong feelings on doing just one and my husband’s–Im outnumbered! I do like the 80% chance of success much better though! (-:

  5. That is HILARIOUS your hubby was reading clifford!! HA!!! Awesome 🙂 I sure hope you don’t have to do IVF, but I have heard alot of buzz about single transfer lately. In some ways, it is nice to have a cautious doctor, from my experience. I sure hope you’ll enjoy the holidays and have a successful ET in January!! Bring on the 2010 babies (mine included, of course)!!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    It was reassuring to here you have gone from tears to joking about IVF…I am so fearful of getting to the IVF stage, but you give me some much needed encouragement. 🙂 Hoping we both get BFP’s through our IUI’s, though!

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