IVF Consult

The IVF Consultation went really well today.  In fact, Im really excited about it (only a fellow IF sister would understand that bizarre type of excitement). First of all, my RE is awesome. In the beginning I thought that she wasnt so great because she was SO clinical and all business and therefore couldnt tell me what she “thought” or “felt” about my odds. Kind of like when your best friend tells you that she has a “really good feeling about this cycle.” I understand now that she has to be all business and by telling someone she “feels” really good about their cycle or situation as a whole would only be giving them false hope. Specifically, I had wanted her to tell me after my polypectomy that she thought THAT was the real problem and I was crushed when she didnt. Looking back, Im so glad she didnt make any assumptions because they would have turned out to be wrong. Telling patients what they want to hear doesnt do anyone any good.  I know that now and realize  just how much I have changed since my first visit.  For example, RE had a big smile on her face today as she told us that many patients in my position (IVF consult while mid IUI cycle) end up being successful and therefore dont go through the IVF procedure. I would have wanted to hear this 10 months ago but not now. Im done with all of the cutesy stories about other people getting pregnant on their off cycles and when they least expected it. Great for them, but Im not counting on any cute little surprises. Just give me the cold hard facts and statistics!  Anyway, I will elaborate more later, but I just had to post my little bout of excitement…


One response to “IVF Consult

  1. I’m so happy you had a great appointment! It’s always nice when you feel like you are on the same page as your RE 🙂

    My RE had a very similar statement when I went for my IVF consult the day before my last IUI beta – he was like “Well, you might just be pregnant now and this whole conversation is for nothing!”

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