IF Diet? Ha Ha

OK so I am sitting here watching the Biggest Loser and feeling really guilty about my caloric intake the past few weeks..and months. I should note that while I have basically maintained a normal weight since high school, I was a fat kid and feel that that my former fatty self is always still there, begging me to give in.  Some who dont know this may tease me for being a salad girl or think that I am true health nut at heart for snacking on edamame or tasteless flaxseed/mega-fiber pitas.  The reality is that Chips Ahoy, Doritos, pizza and pasta all make me weak in the knees and that I am an emotional eater.  My frustration lately over this IF situation has definitely caused me to eat a lot more than usual and in fact, it’s been no holds barred. I’d just like to review a few recent highlights:

product_logo_hchocolateSince Halloween I have been surrounded by candy at work. It is OK to eat an entire (regular size)candy bar every day for 3 days straight? I think not.

479faabb57b19For dinner tonight I ate an entire box of Annie’s Mac&Cheese. (700 calories) It is just way too delicious to stop eating.

DownloadedFileEvery once in a while I get a McDonald’s McFlurry as a special treat and didnt think that they were that bad for you.  I once even ate two in one day. I just found out they are 600 calories–more than a large fry!

DownloadedFile-1Pizza. I just cannot get enough. If you asked me what food I would take with me on a deserted island this would be it.  Catch me on a day when Im hung over or have PMS and you’ll be going home hungry because I will have eaten all the pizza! Seriously though,  I recently ate 4 slices in one night… but in my defense it was of the thin crust variety. (MA Chain–“Uppercrust”. Yumm!)

It is especially hard to deny the extra flesh on my abdomen every night when DH gives me my shot. But Im okay with it right now. I know I wont let myself get completely out of control, so Im going to forgive myself for some extra treats here and there. I deserve it god dammit!


3 responses to “IF Diet? Ha Ha

  1. While I love all of those things (is eating an entire skillet meal “for 2” by myself so bad? haha!), my guilty pleasure is coffee. I could drink it all.day.long.

  2. i can totally relate to the annie’s! good thing i know you in real life or i’d be picturing some big fattie with a huge gut. you’ve never looked better (and that’s saying a lot b/c you’ve always looked amazing) so go ahead and enjoy your treats! it’s not like you’re out boozing & smoking every night or something. you’ll get back on track.

  3. Life is over as I know it … I totally did not know that McFlurry’s have 600 calories … and I’ve totally had 2 in one day *blush* … you are SO not alone here!

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