I think Im done with Facebook. At first it was a great way to keep in touch with friends, share pictures and keep everyone updated on exciting things in my life. But now I find that any valuable or entertaining info is diluted with random status updates from people I could care less about. I do enjoy perusing my REAL friends’ pages to see what they’re up to and their latest vacation pictures, etc, but any real communication between our “walls” feels so impersonal. I’d much rather pick up the phone to have a real conversation.

Another reason is that I just dont fit in anymore. The profile pictures and status updates I browse through, as cute and silly as they seem, are very interesting and telling. Most abundantly obvious are all of the proud new parents,  since most  use  their  kids’ cute little faces as their profile pictures. With that are lots of baby albums, updates on first days of school and adorable pics of toddlers holding their tiny new siblings. Then there are the singletons with their party photos and tales of exciting travels and adventures. A smaller group are the lovebird newlyweds so proud to be posting their just-paid-off photographer photos from the wedding and honeymoon. Then there are the “we’re so not ready for kids” couples who either always seem to be doing something fabulous, or dont even bother with updates since they’re too busy living life and having “strictly for pleasure” sex. Then there is me. The most exciting thing I could have updated this month was that I had 3 large follicles for my 3rd IUI and that the progesterone suppositories are a real drag. I wonder how that status update would go over with an old annoying college acquaintance whose life seems to consist of girl scout cookie sales and book club. I know, Im mean….

I guess I just feel a little isolated going though all of this infertility business. It’s not really something to be casually discussed at social gatherings, or “updated” on social networking sights.While Im living my life and going through the motions, Im still consumed by this, but somehow need to do it in private.

Im not knocking facebook, in fact– I know I’ll post a million pictures of my baby once he or she is here. I cant wait.


One response to “Facebook

  1. Hi I just want to say that i agree with you on the whole facebook thing…….Myspace its the same way. Also good luck on your TTC journey.

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