This Week Blows

So this week blows. I have nothing interesting to say or discuss. Im 8days past iui and dont even have any symptoms to analyze. I also just realized after reading all of the great infertility blogs out there that mine is boring and depressing looking. I need to become more creative and blog savvy and  need to add some more spice.

I guess progesterone makes you emotional because I was a teary mess all day yesterday. I honestly got welled up giving my assistant a reference for her new job because I felt sad she was leaving.  (We get along but we’re not THAT close..) Then while driving home, a local radical radio talk show host was talking about how women are put on this earth to be mothers and therefore any mom who would perfer working over raising her child must have a mental disorder.  OK, he is obviously a controversial dude but this made me cry because  I’ve always felt that  I was meant to be a mom – but I cant do what I was meant to do. Then, as I am being all mopey, my “accidentily pregnant” friend calls and proceeds to tell me every detail about her pregnancy and how amazing it is. After hanging up I was balling and my husband was there thankfully to hug me and tell me that it WILL  happen and that this going to be the month..

This waiting is for the birds. I need some action. I think I’ll call the nurse to see what my next options are in case this iui fails so I can ponder and agonize over them. Hmmm… will it be IUI or IVF? More to come….


4 responses to “This Week Blows

  1. you’re being too hard on yourself. your blog is about your story not some flashy design. sorry about our bad day. wish i was there

  2. i’m 10DP IUI#3 today so i think that makes us on the exact same schedule. no symptoms here either. but, i have a couple of friends who after several IUIs had no symptoms and still got a BFP. here’s to hoping.

    i know how hard it is to experience pregnancy-related things from the sidelines. i wish there was a protector we could put up to shield us form all of that crap. But what hurts us, makes us stronger right?

    i wish i had more cheerful things to say, but all i can really say is that i understand.

    when will you test?

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