Just got off the phone with the nurse who called to give me today’s status update on my follicles and baby making  abilities. It’s usually the same nurse that calls each time and I must admit she’s not the warmest person to  be delivering such news.  You would think that having this job, calling us  frustrated, emotional and anxiety ridden women, she would at least be a little more sensitive and a little less business.  Whatever.

She said that tonight is the ovidril trigger night and Wednesday will be the scheduled IUI. Apparantly I have 3 mature follicles so she warned me that while there is no gaurantee that this will result in a pregnancy- there could also potentially be 3 eggs released increasing the chance of a triplet pregnancy (not a huge chance at 19, 16&15.5mm but a small one). Sooo,  as long as me and my husband are aware of this and open to the option of “selective reduction”, we can proceed. Ummm, sure I guess. The conversation felt more like a retaurant reservation, or hearing the prognosis from my car mechanic. Certainly not the insane notion of reducing my pregnancy. I know that if faced with this reality I would do what was reasonable and safe, and of course  understand the dangers of high order pregnancies,,but I still feel like I need a bath in holy water.

Not sure how I feel right now. I guess Im excited, but it’s hard to let myself be excited anymore since it only leads to more disapointment. The nurse was kind of a debbie downer- basically telling me that I could either have zero or three, but if there are three I’ll have to knock one off. I guess I will just hope and pray for at least one or two, and not worry about what comes next.


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